How to expose HIDDEN iPhone texts and see their true meanings

A TIKTOK star has issued a stark warning to anyone who screenshots their texts on iPhone.

In a recent video, user @aminshayko showed how easy it is to uncover sensitive messages that have been hidden in grabs.

When sharing a screengrab with others, it's common practice to use a photo editor to cover up texts you don't want them to see.

Typically, people use the black highlighter in the iPhone's built-in photo editing tool to scribble over sensitive information.

However, as aminshayko points out, it's easy to peak underneath the highlighter with a few simple taps.

In their video uploaded last year, the TikToker showed how to use the iPhone's photo editor to remove the black highlighter from grabs.

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Simply tap on the screengrab and select "Edit" in the top right corner of your screen to open it within the photo editor.

Using the sliders underneath the image, turn "Brilliance" and "Exposure" up to 100.

Next, turn "Contrast" down to -100. The text underneath the highlighter mark should now be visible.

The trick only works when something is obscured by a dark coloured highlighter.

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That means anything covered by, for instance, the white highlighter or an emoji will remain hidden.

The TikTok clip has racked up more than 600,000 views on TikTok since it was uploaded in September 2021.

In comments underneath the post, some users marvelled at the neat trick while others derided it.

One wrote: "Yall it only works w the highlighter but it does work, i've been doing it for years."

Another said: "Or maybe just stick to your own business, you dont need to know everything."

Some commenters gave tips on how to ensure you aren't caught out by the workaround.

One said: "That’s why I crop screenshots."

A second wrote: "Its not working for other colour u know."

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