How to clean shower screen with lemon and bicarbonate of soda

Queen of Clean shares her cleaning hacks using lemons

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There are plenty of natural cleaning products dotted around our homes, some that you might’ve never considered before. If your shower screen is looking a little worse for wear or is even completely matte from build-up, there’s no need to worry as your solution is probably sat in the kitchen cupboard.

Marks on glass are notoriously tricky to get rid of.

From toothpaste splashes to shampoo and conditioner build-up, it all adds up and makes your bathroom lose that sparkle, no matter how clean the rest of the room is.

The cloudiness can easily be banished by a few simple you’ll most likely already own.

If you have any lemons or baking soda, then here’s exactly how you can use them to shine up your home.

How to use baking soda to clean shower screen

Bicarbonate of soda is great for cleaning the tougher stains if that’s what you’re after.

Make a thick paste using baking soda and a little bit of water and smear it over the glass using either a dampened sponge or a soft-bristled toothbrush.

It’s important to ensure whatever you use to apply the mix is soft as any coarse materials could damage the glass.

Pay more attention to stubborn stains, particularly around door hinges and framework.

Rinse with clean water then dry glass to a shine with a paper towel.

How to clean shower screen using lemons

This method is super straightforward and easy, just pour straight lemon juice onto a soft sponge.

Wipe the dampened sponge over all the glass surfaces and leave the lemon juice to work its magic for a few minutes.

Thoroughly rinse away lemon juice with plenty of clean water or white vinegar followed by water.

Again, dry the glass using a paper towel.

Other natural DIY methods of cleaning glass


Need a ready-made paste? Swap out the homemade baking soda and water paste for regular white toothpaste.

The best type of toothpaste to use is something with a simple ingredient list, usually the ones that are the cheapest.

Apply the paste to a dampened soft sponge, work it over the glass surfaces, then rinse with plenty of clean water.

Repeat this process, if necessary before drying the glass thoroughly with a paper towel.


Known for hundreds of years as one of the best multi-use liquids, vinegar can also be used to shine up your showers.

Dilute the vinegar 50/50 with water before adding some optional lemon juice if you’d rather the fresh scent.

Drench the glass surfaces with the vinegar solution, leaving it for a few minutes before working over the stains with a soft sponge or soft-bristled brush and apply more of the liquid if necessary.

Rinse thoroughly with clean water, drying again with a paper towel until it shines.

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