How to clean a microwave with baked-on food in seconds – easy cleaning trick

A video detailing how to clean a tricky microwave has gone viral on the internet. It reveals the best way to scrape baked off grime with ease.


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A woman on TikTok called Mama Mila showed how to do the hack on the social media app.

How to clean a microwave

– Add a spoonful of washing up liquid into a jug of water

– Put the jug of water and washing up liquid in the microwave for four minutes

– After the microwaving is finished leave it to sit another four minutes

– Remove the jug from the microwave and wipe down

The mum claims you can “watch the grime slide right off”.

Steam filling the oven from the water caused the grim to soften.

There are other household items in the house that might be difficult to clean including the washing machine.

Washing machines can accumulate mould, so how can you deal with that?

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Experts at sofa and carpet specialist ScS: “It’s important to regularly empty and clean the debris filter.

“To do this, locate and unplug the emergency drain tube. This will release any trapped water and should free any debris inside the filter.

“For the main washing machine drum, clean it by occasionally running a hot empty wash.”

They added: “Don’t forget about the door seal and detergent drawer – a gentle wipe or clean with a toothbrush should be enough.”


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Toilets are also difficult to clean, but Mrs Hinch has recently discussed a new product she is using to get them sparkling.

The “cleanfluencer” who rose to prominence thanks to her cleaning advice.

She has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram where she shares her tips.

Also known as Sophie Hinchcliffe, she is “obsessed” with the results of the new power-foaming toilet cleaner by brand Dr. Beckmann.

The cleaner involves poring sachets of powder into the bowl.

It costs £3 and can be purchased from retailers like Wilkos.

Mrs Hinch explains that a foam quickly develops and rises which you then leave for around ten minutes before simply flushing away.

Sophie filmed herself using the magic cleaner and wrote: “Now to try these. Anyone else tried them yet? I’m slightly obsessed with the foam.”

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