How to avoid £1,000 driving fine with satnav phone trick

DRIVERS who need to use their smartphone as a sat-nav are risking a £1,000 fine if it impairs their view of the road.

Having a sat-nav on your phone is a handy tool but drivers need to make sure it is mounted and displayed correctly.

Motorist can opt to purchase a mount for their windscreen but this can sometimes impair driver vision, especially if the mount is in the middle of the windscreen.

If the police notice your phone mount isn't giving you full view of the road ahead, they can fine you up to £100 on-the-spot.

You can challenge the fine but, if you are unsuccessful, your fine will increase to £1,000 and you'll gain up to six penalty points on your licence.

Make sure that you're only using your phone as a sat-nav and for no other reason.

It is illegal to use your phone while driving, even when stopped at a red light or going through a drive through now.

If caught using a mobile device while driving, you run the risk of a £200 and six penalty points on your licence.

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A new driver whose passed their test in the past two years will lose their license altogether.

If you don't want to put a mount on your windscreen but have nowhere to put your phone for your drive, this handy fix could be for you.

TikToker athomewithshannon posted the clever trick to her account.

All you need is a strong rubber band.

As a warning, make sure you test out this tip before setting off on your journey, you don't want to get in trouble while the engine is on.

Most cars will have an air vent in the front of the car, just below the dash.

Loop the rubber band through the top of the vent and bring the end back out at the bottom.

Use a pen or screwdriver of you're struggling to loop the rubber band back through.

Slot your phone in through the two ends of the rubber band, with one towards the top of your device and one at the bottom, and it will securely sit on your vent.

This method should only be used as a last resort, with a proper mount clip for your air vent recommended.

Other ways to keep your phone safe while driving is by using a anti slip dashboard mat.

You won't be able to view the sat-nav but will still be able to listen for the directions.

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