Home improvements: How to make your bathroom look bigger without an extension

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Bathrooms should be a place where homeowners can relax and feel like they’re in luxury. However, often bathrooms can feel small and cluttered with an array of products. There are several ways you can make your bathroom look bigger without completely starting again.

Richard Roberts, Director at Sanctuary Bathrooms, has teamed up with several interior experts to share their top tips on how to make your bathroom feel bigger.

Opt for wall-hung fixtures and fittings

Bathrooms need to have a certain amount of space to fit a toilet, sink, shower or bath and storage space for towels and other products.

Freestanding baths and sinks do take up more space so by opting for wall-hung fixtures, you will automatically save space.

Mr Roberts said lifting everything off the ground “provides extra space” and extends your floor space.

He said: “Traditionally in bathrooms a lot of space is taken up by having fixtures and fittings floor-mounted or freestanding.

“However, many features – from the toilet and basin to accessories like toilet roll holders and toilet brushes – now come in wall-mounted styles.

“Lifting everything up off the ground provides extra space and extends your floor outwards, making it look bigger.”

Choose lighter colours

Although dark blues and greens are very on-trend, dark colours can make a room feel smaller.

Bathrooms without windows can feel especially dark and dingy if they have dark tiles and paint.

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Instead, opt for lighter colours such as pale green, blue or even pink.

Head of Design at Christy, Lucy Ackroyd said: “Often smaller bathrooms have limited light or smaller windows and can feel quite dark.

“Avoid that dingy and drab feeling by coordinating bright, colourful hand towels and bath mats with other accessories such as plant pots, soap and shampoo bottles!”

Replace your bath with a shower

Baths a great for big families and homes with pets but if you feel you don’t need one then removing it could open up the size of your bathroom.

Mr Roberts said a bath is a potential “buying benefit” so when it comes to selling your home, no bath could be a deal breaker.

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Mr Roberts explained: “If you’re looking to just have a shower in your space, consider a walk-in.

“The fact they are built for easier accessibility makes them advantageous when it comes to extending the room so it looks bigger, compared to a standard shower enclosure, which blocks out an area of the room.

“Some people choose to build their walk-in shower using the same flooring as the rest of the bathroom, which provides a continuous pattern or style.

“If this isn’t possible or not to your taste, shower trays for walk in enclosures create the illusion of more space with the entire bathroom floor being on a similar level.

“The almost-near ground level glass also allows the entire bathroom to be visible.”

Add extra light

Natural light in a bathroom can make your tile choices and fancy fixtures look amazing.

However, if you don’t have the luxury of natural light then you can enhance your space with lights.

Mr Roberts added: “Light is important to bring out the best of your bathroom, if you’re limited in terms of natural light – or don’t have a window at all – then enhance your space by bringing in more lights.

“This doesn’t have to be more wall lights or ceiling lights, but investing in something like an illuminated bathroom mirror or LED bathroom mirror, can really improve the ambience of the space.”

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