Google's cheap new '£329' iPhone rival 'leaked in review video'

A SECRET Google smartphone designed to be a cheap alternative to the iPhone may have leaked online.

Apparent footage of the phone has been posted to YouTube by a gadget vlogger – revealing almost everything about it.

Rumours and leaks have suggested Google will be releasing a cheap new Pixel phone this year.

After all, last year saw Google launch the Pixel 3a – a budget-friendly spin-off of the main Pixel 3.

Now YouTube tech reviewer TecnoLike Plus has published a video showcasing what appears to be a pre-production Google Pixel 4a.

If real, it would be a cheaper variant of last year's popular Google Pixel 4.



The handset has a plasticky build, with a single 12-megapixel camera on the back.

And the screen is said to be 5.8 inches from corner to corner, with a 1080 x a 2340-pixel resolution.

That's actually slightly larger than the 5.7-inch Pixel 4, but the pixel density is roughly the same.

Google's cheaper handset looks set to use Qualcomm's Snapdragon 730 chipset.

It's a less powerful processor compared to the supercharged Snapdragon 855 inside the Pixel 4 proper.

Like its parent phone, the Pixel 4a appears to feature 64GB of storage.

And its battery is said to have a capacity of 3,080mAh, which is slightly larger than the 2,800mAh cell in the Pixel 4.

What is Google Pixel?

Here's what you need to know…

  • Google Pixel is a brand of gadgets created by search engine giant Google
  • It was first introduced in February 2013 with the Chromebook Pixel laptop
  • But the range has since expanded to include smartphones, tablets and accessories too
  • The line is best-known for including Google Pixel smartphones, which launched in 2016
  • There have been several iterations since, including the Google Pixel 4 released in 2019
  • All Pixel gadgets run on either Android or Chrome OS – both created by Google
  • And unlike other Android phones, Pixel handsets are designed by Google itself

The bad news is that Google hasn't confirmed any of this information.

So as always, take these rumours and leaks with a pinch of salt.

But last year's Google Pixel 3a came out in May 2019 – so a Pixel 4a launch could be imminent.

The Pixel 3a costs £329 making it extremely good value for money, and it's likely that its successor would be similarly cheap.

We've asked Google for comment and will update this story with any response.

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Would you be tempted by a cheap Google Pixel phone? Let us know in the comments!

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