Google Maps users’ minds blown by glowing houses branded proof of ‘alien lasers’

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Google Maps users were bemused by glowing houses that was branded proof of "alien lasers".

One Reddit user said they were "messing around" on the site and came across "an obscure random island off the coast of Ireland".

In the odd picture, which has been uploaded online, two countryside houses can be seen to be clearly glowing despite the camera seemingly being a long way away.

The original poster wrote: "I found these houses which are very brightly lit (You can see other house in contrast are normal).

"Anyone have any ideas what this is or why this is glowing?"

The curious prompted some curious responses from other Reddit users.

One suggested: "Lasers. It's space alien lasers."

Another said, perhaps slightly more helpfully: "Reflection of the sun, possibly from a glass structure. Solar panels shouldn't shine like this.

"They are made to absorb the sun not reflect it."

A third wrote: "Leprechauns," to which another person said: "That's so reasonable."

Others thought the glow was caused by solar panels.

Another Reddit user answered: "I don't know, but now I want to get a bunch of old mirrors off Craigslist and carefully place them on my roof."

Google Maps users are often coming across weird and wonderful happenings on the site.

Recently one came across a blurred area while browsing the commune of Montluçon in France, sparking a frenzied debate about why it had been censored.

Internet sleuths deduced that the blurred area was a prison.

And a man almost married the wrong woman after Google Maps sent him to a different address.

The bizarre mixup unfolded in a small town on the Indonesian island of Java.

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