Furious drivers blast ‘Britain’s tightest carpark’ for ‘ridiculous’ spaces so small they can barely get out

FURIOUS drivers have blasted a carpark for its "ridiculous" space sizes, labelling it the UK's tightest car park.

Fed up motorists say white lines painted on the asphalt at Castle Car Park in Tower Street, York, are too close together.

Some claim it's almost impossible top hop out of a vehicle without dent someone else's door.

The "nightmare" car park can hold up to 268 cars but motorists have had enough and say they hate parking there.

Residents have taken to social media to vent about their parking struggles.

One man said: "Castle Car Park has got to be the tightest car park in the country.

"If you can manage to get parked and manage to squeeze out of your car (you’ll need to weigh under two stone ideally) which is virtually impossible without banging the car next door, you need to then take a loan out to pay for your stay.

"I hate this car park! It’s so stressful! And even I struggle to get my car out and it’s only a Corsa would hate to have a bigger car in there."

Others agreed saying it was an ideal spot to pick up an unwanted ding.

They wrote: "I avoid it like the plague! Best place for door dents and damage!"

Someone else added: "It costs more money to park there for a full day than it does to not pay, get a ticket and pay the fine!"

Another detested: "Hate it, refuse to park there, ridiculous spaces".

The group were met with support, while another person offered a bit of humourous advice.

They said: "Why not do what I do? Park in Tadcaster and walk into York – much cheaper, you get exercise and you can pop into Tad kebab on your way back – what more could you ask for?"

It is understood there are plans to upgrade the Clifford's Tower area which will see the closure of the car park.

The Sun has contacted York Council for comment.

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