‘Foolproof’ cleaning method to keep Venetian blinds ‘spotless’

Mrs Hinch uses tumble dryer sheets to clean her blinds

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Dust and grime can settle on blinds and stick to them, especially in the kitchen where grease can accumulate on them, meaning they should be cleaned often. However, they can be tricky and time-consuming to clean, with each slat needing to be cleaned individually. Mrs Hinch fans have taken to social media to share top tips on keeping them “spotless” and “dust-free”.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Clare Coleman wrote: “Hi, does anyone have any tips on how to clean Venetian blinds?

“Mine collect so much dust and I can never see to get them dust-free, thanks in advance.”

More than 40 cleaning enthusiasts took to the comments to share their top tips, including an interesting sock hack.

Jules Price wrote: “Put your hand in a cotton sock like a glove and run along the slats. It’s brilliant and removes all the dust.”

Joan Simpson said: “Put a sock or gloves on your hands and run along the slats, leaves them spotless.” Shirley Irvine also recommended using a sock to help collect all of the grime and dust.

Anna Warr commented: “I use two socks, one which is slightly damp and one for drying, it’s a foolproof method which leaves the blinds dust-free.”

Suzanne Nangle commented: “Use an inside out sock on your hand and then use a tumble dryer sheet to stop dust sticking.”

Tumble dryer sheets help to reduce static, which means the dust will easily stick to them.

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Various different brands can be picked up from the supermarket for as little as £1.

Mrs Hinch even recommends wiping them with some Zoflora to not only disinfect, but to leave a gorgeous smell behind.

Others recommended trying to take them down and placing them in the bath.

Dori Mclovr said: “Just soak in the tub and rinse off.” Janet Morton wrote: “If you can take them down fully closed, and have a bath, lay them in the bath with warm water and a bit of washing liquid.

“Open them slightly and dunk them up and down, you will see the muck coming off, then rinse well with warm water.

“Then I would hang them over a line or drier outside until fully dry.”

Experts at Checkatrade also recommended soaking blinds in warm water with some washing up liquid, along with some laundry detergent.

They said: “It’s important to keep your water under 30C as most vertical hanging blinds are weighted at the bottom, which is held together with glue.

“Keeping the water under 30C will help you avoid breaking or melting the seal.”

Take a soft sponge or microfibre cloth and gently scrub your blinds in gentle circular motions on affected areas.

The experts said Britons should avoid letting blinds soak in the water for too long as they can shrink and lose their fire-retardant additive.

Checktrade explained: “If you hang your vertical blinds to dry, they may stretch. Similarly, putting them in the dryer may shrink them or risk melting off important elements.

“Therefore, the best way to dry your vertical blinds is to lay them flat on the floor, preferably on top of several clean towels.

“Consider using a hair dryer on a low setting to speed up the drying process and avoid watermarks appearing.”

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