Drivers are only just realising incredible hidden feature in their cars – and it could save you hundreds of pounds | The Sun

DRIVERS have been taken aback by discovering a secret, cash-saving "hack" to increase space in the back of the car.

Motoring firm Honda came up with a folding seat design which effectively gives people an extra boot.

The so-called "magic seats" can be easily collapsed to create more space, to the delight of fans sharing their discoveries online.

The technique for the rear passenger seats was introduced in Honda's Jazz range of cars, before being followed up in their Civic models.

The design helps save motorists money, meaning they need not hire trailers nor rent vans to carry extra bulk.

The seats come as part of Honda's new 2023 Odyssey range, having previously featured in other models.

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One admirer wrote online: "My wife has had a 2006 Honda Jazz automatic from new.

"It may not be the sharpest looker but it’s been very cheap to run.

"Never gone wrong and the chain-driven engine means you never have to pay for expensive cam belt services.

"Also has huge interior space with ‘magic’ seats."

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Another posted: "Do have a look at Honda – the magic seats are unbeatable unless you are buying a truck or panel van."

It was also suggested: "The Honda Jazz Hybrid's ingenious magic seats give you the versatility you want right when you need it.

"It allows you to configure numerous settings to accommodate more luggage."

Other handy motoring devices which have taken drivers by surprise include cars' perfume dispensers, boot chutes, hidden umbrellas and "curry hooks".

Japanese firm Honda was previously the first car-maker to replace wing mirrors with cameras as standard in their electric e-car range.

Motoring experts have also revealed "hacks" which can help save money, such as when removing dents or scuffs as well as jet-washing.

A TikTok user also went viral online when advising against misfuelling your car, which can ruin its engine – while another revealed a "must-have" for motorists.

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