Do NOT install new Windows 10 update, Microsoft warns – as huge list of major bugs revealed

MICROSOFT has warned Windows 10 users not to install the latest update – as it's plagued by bugs.

The tech giant has published an extensive list of issues that affect the new update.

Windows 10 regularly receives updates, adding new features and fixing old bugs.

But updates often introduce new problems – and some updates are worse than others.

Now the new version of Windows 10 (v.2004) is causing headaches for some users.

A Microsoft support page lists at least 10 different bugs known to exist in the new Windows update.

And they're serious enough to warrant delaying an update.

"We recommend that you do not attempt to manually update using the Update Now button or the Media Creation Tool until this issue has been resolved," Microsoft warned.

Of course, many users have their Windows 10 software set to update automatically – so it may already be too late for some.

One issue relates to connecting to multiple Bluetooth devices.

Another causes errors when updating various software or drivers.

There are also problems with Intel GPUs, errors caused by unplugging certain Thunderbolt devices, and also issues with mouse input while gaming.

Some users may get on fine with the new update, and not experience any of these issues.

But others may have a rough time with many of the errors.

Unlock secret Windows 10 surfing game

Here's what to do…

First, make sure you've updated Microsoft Edge to the latest version.

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It's always very serious when software makers warn against updating a device.

That's because software updates typically provide important security patches – blocking hackers from accessing your system.

This means it's usually very important to update your Windows 10 software as often as you can.

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