David Bossie: COVID coverage – here's what media ignores about Noem, DeSantis while touting Cuomo, Newsom

Noem rails against Fauci, Cuomo in COVID-centric CPAC speech

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem says she’s been vindicated from critics

Last weekend I was thrilled to attend CPAC – one of the largest political gatherings in our nation – and what I saw was a unified conservative movement and Republican Party with successful policies, principled leaders and a clear vision for the future.   

This is despite, or perhaps in spite of, the recent attacks by the biased media to portray the Republican Party as fractured and without leaders. That, as I saw in Orlando, couldn’t be further from the truth.  

Former President Donald Trump returned to the stage to thunderous applause as he excoriated the radical Biden agenda, pushed back on blue-state lockdowns, and hinted at the future of the party in 2022, 2024 and beyond.   


Also speaking at the conference were rising star governors Ron DeSantis of Florida and Kristi Noem of South Dakota, who proudly declared that their states open for business and schooling. DeSantis and Noem gave reports on the positive coronavirus mitigation achievements in their states, and responded to mainstream media’s criticism that has falsely portrayed their bold handling of the pandemic. 

Over the past five years, journalism’s thin veneer of nonpartisanship has all but been abandoned as reporters-turned-political activists twist and frame stories to praise Democrats and attack Republicans, regardless of the facts. One glaring example of this naked political bias is demonstrated by the attempt to create coronavirus heroes and villains of our nation’s governors. You can guess how their portrayal is split across party lines. 


Let’s consider the coverage of four governors: Noem and DeSantis and, by comparison, Democrats Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gavin Newsom of California. 

We’re all familiar with what the liberal media thought of Cuomo at the outset of this crisis. He’s since written a book, won an Emmy, and joked around with brother Chris on CNN about being “single and ready to mingle.” Joe Biden has even described Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic as a “lesson in leadership.”   

What we know now is that while he was joking around, touting himself as a hero and being praised as the model for the nation in terms of coronavirus response, he was engaged in an alleged coverup of information about the true death toll of nursing home residents in his state.  

Cuomo’s March 25 directive that nursing homes accept patients who were exposed to the coronavirus was a death warrant for tens of thousands of New York’s most vulnerable residents. 

While COVID cases skyrocketed and businesses and schools closed down in droves, the media was intent on lifting Cuomo up and spreading the false narrative that he was not responsible for his state’s dismal pandemic situation. It makes you wonder if lives could have been saved if the mainstream media had actually done its job instead of doing PR for a failed governor who now faces calls for his resignation or impeachment.   

The liberal media’s double standard in their treatment of the recent credible sexual harassment allegations by two former staffers against Cuomo compared to their brutal treatment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is only making matters more difficult for Cuomo.   

As blue states continue to see cases soar and businesses die, they’re seeing the writing on the wall – maybe freedom is the best policy.   

Newsom’s handling of the coronavirus in California is another tale of brutal draconian lockdowns with very little actual coronavirus mitigation, although you wouldn’t have known that from the liberal media’s coverage.  

As COVID spread and Newsom forced businesses to shutter, the biased media attacked red states for daring to try a different approach – an approach that both saved lives and kept economies and schools open. You can sense the disappointment in coverage that red states aren’t suffering, a despicable indication of the national divide perpetuated by our liberal media.  

Of course, Newsom’s pandemic leadership is not as popular inside the Golden State as the fake news media would have you believe. After months of devastating lockdowns, Newsom was pictured at a swanky restaurant – French Laundry – palling around with lobbyists and friends while Californians were losing their livelihoods.   

Now facing a recall election from enraged residents, Newsom’s another example of how the mainstream media props up failed Democrats for their own political purposes. And so far, they’re “0” for “2.”  

DeSantis has been a favorite target of the liberal media throughout this pandemic. Despite being the third most populous state in the nation, cases and COVID deaths have remained below the national average and the current vaccine rollout is proceeding smoothly. 

All of this has been achieved without harsh, job-killing business lockdowns and school closings. Additionally, DeSantis announced at CPAC that the state of Florida has not touched “one red cent” from the state’s “rainy day fund,” an extraordinary achievement that is a testament to how conservative and fiscally responsible leadership can guide us through crises like the coronavirus pandemic. 

You wouldn’t learn that from the liberal media’s coverage of DeSantis. They attack DeSantis incessantly, but it’s Cuomo and Newsom’s poorly run states that need to get huge bailouts from Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. 

In her speech at CPAC, Kristi Noem made the case for why America needs conservative leadership. At a time when so many of our national institutions are seemingly caving under the thumb of the dangerous left-wing cancel culture, Noem has stood tall against the growing fascist threat. She has faced endless criticism over her leadership during the pandemic, particularly for her refusal to impose government mandated lockdowns.   

Despite this commonsense, small government approach to combating the virus, Noem’s pro-liberty stance against big government lockdowns has made her a villain in the eyes of the left. There’s nothing more threatening to the status quo than someone who doesn’t abide by the left’s anti-freedom playbook.   

So, the liberal media continues to do what it does best: spin false narratives and attack conservatives in order to influence the national political debate, facts be damned. As blue states continue to see cases soar and businesses die, they’re seeing the writing on the wall – maybe freedom is the best policy.   


The liberal media chose sides and is doubling down on the tall tale that Democrat governors like Cuomo and Newsom are the model for the pandemic response and Republicans like Noem and DeSantis are public enemies. But hardworking Americans from coast to coast know the truth.   

What I saw at CPAC was a bold rebuke of the media elite and cancel culture and a celebration of conservative values that will always provide steady, principled guidance to our leaders no matter what challenges we as a nation face. 


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