Cyclist thrown off bike after speeding through busy intersection – but who was in the wrong? – The Sun

THIS is the shocking moment a cyclist is thrown into the air while speeding through heavy traffic.

But the video has divided the internet at who is at fault – the turning driver or the bike rider.

Dashcam footage from the incident shows a number of cars stuck in traffic while they wait for some traffic lights to change.

A black Toyota slowly begins to edge out on the other side of the road as they attempt to turn down a nearby street.

But as they pass in front of a white van, a bike rider travelling in a dedicated cycling lane quickly flies through the backed-up traffic.

The cyclist is then hit by the small motor and their bike is launched into the air.

Thankfully, the car wasn't travelling very fast and the rider was able to collect himself with the help of some other cyclists and passersby.

The crash has sparked a heated debate online since being posted by Dash Cam Owners Australia.

One social media user said: "Bike rider fault. How can the car see him? The bike didn’t even slow down at any stage."

Another argued: "When driving/riding in heavy traffic you approach intersections with caution. The cyclist was travelling at speed and showing no caution. The car driver actually takes caution before deciding to complete their turn."

But others argued the driver should have given way to the cyclist.

They said on social media: "The driver has to give way to pedestrians and other road users that includes cyclists. Just because the van stopped in traffic doesn’t mean there’s nothing coming on the inside."

While the incident happened in Australia, the same situation regularly happens on British roads.

And a UK driving expert has weighed on the issue, saying the crash was caused by the owner of the black car.

Rebecca Ashton, head of driver behaviour at IAM RoadSmart, said: "The driver of the van, obviously thought they were being helpful to the driver of the black car, however did not think about the cyclist they had very recently overtaken.

"Being a van also meant the car driver’s view was restricted and the driver went without checking for other road users.

"By going without checking, the driver of the black car could be prosecuted for driving without due care and attention.

"When someone stops to allow you to turn it does not mean it is clear for you to go, you still need to consider other traffic on the road and make sure it is clear before you proceed.

"Unfortunately some drivers assume when a driver stops to let them go it’s clear, and they can go without thinking about other road users.

"Never allow someone else to make the decisions for you, you need to check for other road users yourself."

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