CNN obsesses over Trump's White House lawn on homepage, buries Biden's disappointing jobs report

Maria Bartiromo: April jobs report ‘wildly below’ expectations

The Fox Business anchor discusses newly released April jobs report on ‘America’s Newsroom.’

CNN appears to be prioritizing the “headache” apparently caused by former President Trump’s White House lawn over current President Biden’s disappointing jobs report. 

The April jobs report released on Friday shocked the nation, which saw just 266,000 jobs created and a rise in unemployment after economists expected roughly 1 million jobs to be created amid the country’s economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

However, one of the top stories on CNN’s website on Friday afternoon was the White House drama over how the Trump presidency kept the lawn. 

The report, which had the headline “The ‘headache’ Trump left behind for Biden on the White House lawn,” detailed how the Trump administration was inactive on “paramount” upgrades that were needed on the property.

“They didn’t want the noise and, Melania Trump in particular, wanted to avoid disrupting the aesthetics on the back lawn, where there could perhaps be events,” CNN reported. “The first couple decided to ‘pass it to the next guy,’ said one of the people familiar. That next guy ended up being President Joe Biden.”

CNN’s report complained that Biden “has had to meet his helicopter, Marine One, on the Ellipse, the park below the South Lawn perimeter of the White House and just north of Constitution Avenue” due to construction on the White House lawn and that the president “has had to motorcade approximately two minutes from the White House to the Ellipse to depart and arrive, where before he could ostensibly walk out his back door a few hundred yards and board his private transport.”

“It’s been a headache,” one Secret Service source told CNN. 


The visibly small mention of the jobs report was listed on CNN’s homepage in the “trending” bar, but it is only those who are able to find it and then click on it before learning how disappointing the April jobs numbers were. 

Other major headlines include “Texas House passes election overhaul bill,” “How should vaccinated parents navigate this summer? A doctor’s advice,” and “Federal grand jury indicts four ex-Minneapolis police officers in George Floyd’s death.”

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