‘Cleans and smells lovely’: Mrs Hinch fans share top tips for deep cleaning dishwasher

TikTok user shows off a 'hack' for cleaning your dishwasher

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Cleaning star Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, rose to fame on social media, gaining more than 4.1 million followers. The cleaning guru has shared countless cleaning hacks which have helped thousands of people maintain a well-kept home.

Inspired by her ingenious methods, fans have formed their own social media groups to offer a range of alternative cleaning techniques. 

A group member, whose dishwasher had been out of use for some time, requested an effective method to deep clean the electrical appliance.

Multiple tips were shared, with various household products among the suggestions offered.

Responding to the post, one online user said: “Chop up a lemon, splash of white vinegar and hot wash – cleans and smells lovely.”

A second person said: “I use Finish Cleaner – very good.”

A third suggested using white vinegar on its own to give the appliance a good clean.

A fourth said: “Aldi dishwasher cleaner and freshener.”

Aldi offers various dishwasher solutions, including Magnum Original All In 1 Dishwasher Tablets, which is currently priced at £2.99.

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Another person suggested using dishwasher salt.

While another group member advised: “Fairy cleaning capsule, just pop in the draw like a normal tablet.”

One social media user said: “Oust for dish washer – only thing that worked on mine.”

Explaining their technique, another group member said: “With no dishes in it, cup of white vinegar on top drawer, put on hot wash. 

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“When done, sprinkle bicarb on bottom, wash again and voila.”

One person suggested: A cup of bicarbonate of soda on a hot cycle.”

“White vinegar is great,” said another, adding: “I also put a lemon on the top rack cut in half facing down. Top up your salt as well.”

Another person advised using two cups of bleach to deep clean the dishwasher.

One group member said a decent dishwasher solution should be effective for cleaning the appliance.

With another suggesting: “A cup of white vinegar, cup of bicarbonate of soda, both on top rack, run on hottest cycle.”

According to Repair Aid, a business which specialises in maintenance, installation and repair of kitchen appliances, a dishwasher usually lasts around 10 years.

However, the experts said maintaining and cleaning the appliance could see the machine last a further three years.

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