Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch shares her simple weekend cleaning routine

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Mrs Hinch rose to fame after she started to share cleaning hacks online. Now with nearly four million social media followers, she shares her weekly Friday cleaning routine to help get ready for the weekend. From dusting, to hoovering to mopping, Mrs Hinch gets all her jobs done on a Friday so that she can relax over the weekend. 

Starting off her cleaning routine, taking her Pledge Fluffy Duster, Sophie runs it around anywhere that may have built up dust.

She takes it up her stairs and in the gaps between the banisters. 

The Pledge Fluffy Duster is a small compact duster that can be folded up and put into a drawer. It also comes with new head attachments that you can change when an old one gets dirty.

Tesco said: “ Bringing out the beauty in your home can be as quick and easy as a simple dusting. Pledge Dusters are made with long, fluffy fibres that remove dust and the allergens in dust, dirt and lint with a few effortless swipes of the handle. 

“Unlike a traditional feather duster, simply attach a disposable duster to the handle, dust your surfaces and toss away your dirty disposable dusters.”

It retails for around £3 in most supermarkets and places like B&M and Home Bargains.

Mrs Hinch then takes her beloved Shark hoover around her kitchen, picking up any food that may have dropped on the floor throughout the day. 

After she takes her Flash Powermop to make her kitchen floors shiny. 

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The Flash Powermop can be used on hard surfaces and it is battery powered, making it much more effective than a normal cleaning mop.

It also can spray out disinfectant on the targeted areas like hard floors as well as bathroom tiles.

The mop retails at around £30 but is often on sale in places like Wilko and supermarkets for half price or more.

The Starter Kit includes five absorbing pads, one bottle of fresh scent solution and four batteries.

The Flash website also recommends cleaning your bathroom tiles with their mops for a quick and easy tile clean. 

It says: “The Flash Powermop is here to the rescue with its in-built cleaning solution and absorbing pads. Now you can get back on top of your home cleaning schedule and say bye-bye to dirt.”

Mrs Hinch then turns to cleaning her bathroom mirrors and shower screens. 

Unlike her usual disinfectant cleaning spray, Sophie opted for her own homemade solution consisting of warm water and washing up liquid that she put in a spray bottle.

She used her favourite Minky M Cloth to rub away any smears and marks on the mirror. 

To scrub her shower doors, Sophie used her Scrub Mummy sponge which she uses all around her house. 

The cleaning tool is a textured sponge in the shape of a smiley face that changes density when wet. 

Warm water makes the sponge go soft and is great for removing excess product whilst cold water stiffens it, making it perfect to target those stubborn oven stains. 

The sponge can be picked up in supermarkets as well as B&M for around £2.50 and the company behind the sponge says it can be used without any water at all. 

Sophie finished her Friday cleaning routine with tidying up her shower caddy to make sure she had thrown away any empty products and restocked them with new ones. 

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