Clean shower door with 30p tip that ‘cuts through limescale’

Mrs Hinch fans have shared their top tips on how to remove limescale from shower screens and doors. A cleaning influencer with over four million followers on Instagram, Mrs Hinch has inspired her fans to create Facebook pages in her honour, where they share their best cleaning hacks.

On one such page, with over 100,000 members, one woman wanted to know how to get rid of limescale, after trying everything.

Chloe Lovatt said: “I’ve just moved into a property, there is limescale on the shower screen which I have been really stuggling to get off.

“I have used three different limescale products and it’s not budging. Any suggestions what I can use?”

The products Chloe had used were HG Limescale Remover, Viakal, and Mr Muscle Soap, Scum and Limescale Remover.

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Chloe’s post was flooded with comments as other Mrs Hinch fans shared their tips and tricks.

Some methods involved using chemical solutions, while others consisted of natural products.

Angie Johnson wrote: “White vinegar works wonders.”

Reena Bhatt’s advice was to use natural, household staples too. She said: “Squeeze fresh lemon juice into a spray bottle. Spray, leave on for about one minute, wipe with a soft sponge and it cuts through all the limescale on glass.”

Abigail Evans agreed. She wrote: “Fresh lemon and bicarbonate soda.”

Gemma Henderson added: “Half a lemon, sprinkle with salt, rub on the affected areas, and leave for five to 10 minutes and rinse.”

Marion Sullivan commented: “Half fresh lemon rubbed over, rinse off and dry. May have to repeat.”

Sarah Flecknor wrote: “Bicarbonate soda on a lemon and squeeze and scrub.”

Using a lemon is the simplest and cheapest hack offered by Mrs Hinch fans – loose, the citrus fruit costs just 30p at Tesco stores.

Melanie Taylor, meanwhile, jumped on the white vinegar bandwagon, saying: “White vinegar is best.”

Sarah Cox’s advice was a little different. She commented: “Tea bag and hot water. Boil some water and add a tea bag to it, like you would when making a cup of tea, and wipe it on the screen with a cloth. Then rinse and wipe down.”

Lisa Sutcliffe wrote: “Cold brewed tea in a squirty bottle, spray, leave for a couple of minutes, and then wipe with a microfibre cloth, and rinse.”

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Charlotte Walker recommended adding Fairy Liquid to the equation. She wrote: “One third washing up liquid and two thirds vinegar on a damp green scrubby.

“Add enough water to get it foamy. Scrub door, leave five to 10 minutes then rinse.”

Jenny Crellin said: “White vinegar and a body exfoliator sponge works wonders.”

Kate Batterby added: “Use baking paper. Scrubs it right off.”

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