Chris Cuomo sought to discredit Fox News' Janice Dean for speaking out on brother's nursing home scandal

Janice Dean: My grief turned to rage when I saw Cuomos’ CNN ‘comedy hour’

FOX Weather Senior Meteorologist, Janice Dean on continuing to find answers after her mom and dad in-laws died in New York nursing homes and the Cuomo brothers finally receiving justice for their actions

Disgraced CNN anchor Chris Cuomo reportedly leveled personal attacks against Fox News’ senior meteorologist Janice Dean, an outspoken critic of his brother’s nursing home scandal.

Dean, who lost both of her in-laws last year after they had contracted the coronavirus in nursing homes, had placed blame on then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s controversial policy ordering assisted-living facilities to accept COVID-positive patients in the early weeks of the pandemic.

However, the New York Post reported that the “Cuomo Prime Time” host was in close contact with the governor’s office and expressed his desire to target the Fox News star, according to a source. 

“The source said Chris allegedly asked in a text to an Andrew Cuomo staffer how he could go after ‘this Fox weather bitch……Any help painting her as a far right crazy?’” the Post wrote. 

The Post also alleged that it was “believed he participated in calls with the governor’s staff, including Melissa DeRosa, about how to hit back at Dean by focusing on her political leanings.”

Rich Azzopardi, a spokesman for Andrew Cuomo, told the Post, “I have no knowledge of this ever happening, and you must ask, why then did the attorney general not put anything about it in her report or ask any of the relevant people about it?”

(Left to Right: Melissa DeRosa (Getty Images), Chris Cuomo (CNN), Janice Dean (Getty Images))

Another report from CNBC alleged DeRosa, a top Cuomo aide, “ripped Dean behind the scenes and sought to craft a public messaging strategy that would paint the Fox News personality as merely a right-wing commentator” and also cited Chris Cuomo’s involvement in discussions about Dean. 

Fox News reached out to Chris Cuomo’s spokesperson for comment. 

Dean, who has long said she never identified as being a political person prior to the nursing home scandal, was encouraged to speak out amid the media’s glowing coverage of the New York governor and saw very little scrutiny towards the brewing controversy.

It wasn’t until Chris Cuomo invited his brother on-air in May 2020 to perform prop comedy with giant cotton swabs that motivated her to come forward and shine a light on the governor’s deadly policy. 

CNN’s Chris Cuomo performed prop comedy with his brother New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during a widely panned segment in 2020. 

Chris Cuomo was fired by CNN after a new sexual misconduct allegation emerged against the anchor over alleged behavior that took place at another network. This followed Cuomo’s first accuser, veteran TV producer Shelley Ross, who came forward in September and claimed he grabbed her buttock at a 2005 work function while the two of them worked at ABC News.

Cuomo had already been suspended following the damning revelations that emerged from the New York Attorney General’s investigation into his brother, revealing that the anchor was far more involved with the governor’s office than previously known. 

Documents showed that Cuomo relied on his own media sources to find information about his brother’s accusers. 

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