Cheap iPhone SE 3 'launching in days' – release date and how much it will cost you

APPLE is hotly tipped to launch a NEW iPhone in a matter of days.

Better yet, it's supposedly going to be a "cheap" model that will be very affordable.

What is the iPhone SE 3?

The iPhone SE is Apple's cheapest smartphone.

A first-generation model launched back in 2016, followed by a second-generation variant in 2020.

Now Apple is expected to unleash the iPhone SE 3 in a matter of days.

When is the iPhone SE 3 out? New iPhone SE 2022 release date

Apple hasn't publicly confirmed the existence of the iPhone SE 3 – yet.

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But the company has announced a "special event" for March 8.

This spring event is a reasonably regular feature for Apple, and was used in 2020 for the previous iPhone SE announcement.

The event is due to take place at 10am California time – so 1pm in New York and 6pm in London.

Apple has named the event "Peek Performance", which is fairly mysterious.

If Apple does announce the iPhone SE 3 on March 8, we'd expect the phone to be available for pre-order that same Friday – March 11.

Then Apple would likely begin selling the phone in stores the Friday after that – on March 18.

What to expect from iPhone SE 3 – news and rumours

We spoke to CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood about the new mobile.

"The iPhone SE is a key franchise for Apple offering the most affordable starting point for people often buying an iPhone for the first time," Ben told The Sun.

"It also caters perfectly for people who need a phone but don’t want all the bells and whistles.

"Apple will likely follow its usual approach on making incremental improvements across all areas such as the processor power, battery life and a the screen.

"The other big story will be the addition of 5G.

"All the operators in the UK are keen to get as many people onto 5G as possible and having the entry level iPhone supporting the technology is key."

A leak earlier this year suggested that the new iPhone would enter production in January.

That's according to industry insider and Apple analyst Ross Young.

Usually Apple announces new iPhone models in September.

But the company has launched a handful of iPhones at events in the spring.

It would be part of the cheaper iPhone SE range – which currently doesn't have a 5G option.

Apple only began offering 5G phones in 2020 with the iPhone 12.

Since then, the iPhone 13 line-up has also launched with 5G on board.

Bloomberg journalist and long-time Apple leaker Mark Gurman also says that an iPhone SE 3 is on the way.

This handset is expected to launch in March or April, the Apple insider said in a newsletter.

Gurman says his sources haven't explicitly confirmed that the device would be named iPhone SE 3.

But it seems likely given Apple's history.

The iPhone SE stands for Special Edition, and launched back in 2016.

It was designed to be a cheaper option that ran alongside the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

This proved popular, so Apple repeated it in 2020 with the iPhone SE 2.

The device launched with the iPhone 11, but borrowed most of its design from the iPhone 8.

However, it shipped with more powerful components than the iPhone 8 – and was significantly cheaper than the iPhone 11.

This event will be totally virtual.

That's in contrast to pre-pandemic Apple showcases, which would be glitzy live affairs packed with media and gadget influencers.

Apple is tipped to be planning an iPhone 8-style device with a 4.7-inch display – and a Touch ID button on the front.

But it's likely the phone will pack upgraded hardware, including a faster processor and more capable camera.

Rumours suggest it will cost just $299 – and the old iPhone SE will fall to an even lower $199.

The big news would be the introduction of 5G, which is now more widely supported across the US and UK.

We're also expecting to see a more powerful iPad Air with a newer custom A-series chip.

And a newer Mac is on the cards, too.

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