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THERE is a cheap Android phone that has a bigger battery than an iPhone for a tenth of the price.

And it has just hit it's lowest price in 30 days. Initially £149.99, the Honor X6 device is now on offer on Amazon for just £99.

It has a long-lasting 5000mAh battery – which dwarfs every iPhone so far, in comparison.

Apple's newest iPhone 14 Pro Max has a battery strength of 4323mAh.

It means users can watch up to 17 hours of Netflix and other online video streaming, up to 18 hours of scrolling on Facebook (or your social media of choice) and as much as 31 hours of music playback before it needs to be charged again, according to Honor.

The device comes in three colours: Black, Titanium Silver and Ocean Blue – which are all currently on offer.


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It also has 64GB of storage and 4GB Ram, similar to that of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 12.

But, admittedly, it is rather small when looking at the iPhone 14 Pro Max which has double the storage.

  • Honor X6, 4GB+64GB, for £99 – Amazon

The Android device has a 50 megapixel camera that Honor claims is better than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which has 48 megapixel camera on the back.

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The Honor X6 also makes use of widgets that closely resemble more popular phone brands.

While the device is from a brand name you likely haven't heard of, you can use it just like you would an iPhone, Samsung or Google device.

It runs on Android 12 – Google's newest operating system – and gives users access to the Google Play Store, as well as all standard Android apps.

It's also unlocked for all network carriers, so you can use it on your Vodafone, EE, T-Mobile or Verizon packages (depending on whether you're based in the UK or US).

  • Honor X6, 4GB+64GB, for £99 – Amazon

Similar to the fashion industry, but consumer often pay an invisible surcharge for a big name or logo when it comes to their tech.

The price tag largely reflects Honor's lack of brand notoriety, as it miles apart from the likes of an iPhone or Samsung which are often north of £1,000.

"I really like it… Not arsed about a trillion pixel camera or it being a millisecond slower in processing capability than the previous overpriced iteration," said one five star customer review.

"Does everything I want, at a good price. Doesn't have Qi charging… So what, I'll survive."

Another said: "Brilliant battery, it comes with a super charger and the battery last 48hrs after a 2hr charge.

"No need to spend a huge amount of money. Large capacity memory and really easy to navigate."

However, customers have complained about the camera quality, despite it boasting a more powerful megapixel load than the most recent iPhone.

"I haven't had to recharge it up yet so the battery seems okay," said a third customer review. "But the camera is not good, it's terrible, it's really grainy."

However, if you're not looking to take up photography on a device that fits in your pocket – the Honor X6 might be a phone to consider if you're wanting to be kind on the wallet.

Honor X6, 4GB+64GB, for £99 – Amazon

All prices were correct at the time of writing.

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