Can you park on a single yellow line and what are the rules about double yellow lines on a Sunday or with a disabled badge?

IN the battle to nab a parking space it's sometimes hard to remember where you can and can't park.

Here's everything you need to know about parking on yellow lines and when the restrictions are…

Can I be fined for parking on a single yellow line?

Much like normal parking restrictions, you cannot park on yellow lines during the times of operation shown on nearby time plates.

Double yellow lines mean that you cannot wait on them at any time, even if there are no signs.

It is also prohibited to wait, park, stop to drop off or pick up people on school entrance markings.

Yellow stripes on the kerb also indicate areas where you may not load or unload.

Double yellow lines or stripes mean no waiting or loading at any times.

As a general rule, however, if the lines are not visible when the enforcement officer arrives, no penalty charge will be issued.

Can I park on single yellow lines if I have a blue badge?

The Blue Badge – given to disabled drivers – is recognised in all European countries.

It allows people to make use of the same concessions as the country's own citizens with disabilities.

Blue Badge holders can park on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours if it is safe to do so.

But they must not park within 15 metres of a junction or where there are loading or unloading restrictions.

They are not entitled to park on yellow lines in "off-street" car parks.

Do the same rules apply at the weekend?

Some drivers assume that the rules don't apply on a Sunday or on a bank holiday – but this is often not the case.

Unless you have a disabled parking permit you cannot park on double yellow lines at any time.

The restrictions apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

There are some exceptions to this but generally you are not able to park on them.

However it is always advisable to check the signs on each individual street to make sure you know the rules for each day.

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