BT launches gigabit internet '25 times FASTER than superfast fibre' – letting you download 4K movies in seconds

BT has vowed to become the UK's "fastest home broadband provider" this month – with ludicrously fast "gigabit" speeds.

The download speeds, described as "next generation", are said to be up to 25 times faster than the nippiest fibre connections today.

In terms of broadband speeds, Britain has some catching up to do. ranks the United Kingdom as 46th for download speeds, lagging behind Romania, France and Thailand.

BT hopes to rectify that later this month with the new Full Fibre "gigabit home broadband service".

Gigabit means that download speeds will be at least 1 gigabit-per-second (1Gbps).

That's extremely fast, and will mean movies will download at blistering speeds.

For instance, Netflix says that one hour of 4K content takes up 7 gigabytes.

A single gigabyte (1GB) is equal to eight gigabits (8Gb).

So at BT's promised minimum of 1Gbps, it'll take just under a minute to download an hour of 4K footage.

Standard video quality can be acquired even faster, as it weights in at 0.7GB per hour of video.

That means it'll take fewer than six seconds to download an hour of standard video from Netflix.

"The service will form part of a new range of next generation Full Fibre plans – designed to offer consumers average speeds up to 25 times faster than Superfast fibre," BT explained.

BT described it as a "best-in-class" broadband experience that will be "perfect" for busy connected homes.

"It will also provide a future proof connection to enable homes to make the most of new high-bandwidth products and services such as 8K video, online gaming and the increasingly connected smart home," BT said.

"BT's service will also offer ultrafast upload speeds – perfect for live online gaming, smart security camera monitoring, home working and video calling."

World's fastest internet speeds

These are the average download speeds according to…

  • 1 – Singapore 202.21Mbps
  • 2 – Hong Kong 169.78Mbps
  • 3 – Monaco 162.65Mbps
  • 4 – Romania 148.98Mbps
  • 5 – Switzerland 146.81Mbps
  • 6 – France 139.65Mbps
  • 7 – Sweden 134.83Mbps
  • 8 – United States 134.77Mbps
  • 9 – Thailand 130.41Mbps
  • 10 – Denmark 130.28Mbps
  • 46 – United Kingdom 65.82Mbps

BT says the new service will arrive in hundreds of cities, towns and villages later this month.

Confirmed roll-out cities include Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, London and Manchester.

However, the full list will be wider than this.

And it's also unlikely that those entire cities will get the upgrade – but rather, select areas within those cities.

In total, more than 2million households are expected to be eligible for the upgrade on day one.

BT is promising at least 1Gbps, but speeds can vary based on many factors.

It's also possible that you may end up with more than 1Gbps – though BT didn't reveal maximum speeds.

We've asked BT for a full list of the areas where the new service will be available, and will update this story with any response.

BT also says it won't be revealing prices until later this month, so it's impossible to say how much the upgrade will cost you for now.

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