Biden Takes The Air Out Of Trump’s Legal Victory With 1 Stinging Question

Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday evening had a simple question for President Donald Trump: “What are you hiding?”  

Biden shared a link to a story about Trump winning a legal ruling in his ongoing battle over disclosure of his tax returns.

New York prosecutors had been seeking those documents via subpoena and had won a previous decision. However, a federal appeals court ruled that the president would not have to turn those documents over while the previous decision is under appeal.

Biden asked why Trump ― who has repeatedly promised to release his returns ― is working so hard to keep them hidden:

The battle over Trump’s taxes goes back to court Sept. 25 for hearings on the merits of Trump’s appeal, according to The Associated Press.

The Democratic-controlled House has also been seeking Trump’s tax returns, but, as with the Manhattan prosecutors, has been stymied by legal maneuvers. 

Trump as a 2016 presidential candidate vowed repeatedly to release his tax returns, saying he couldn’t do so at the time because he was under audit ― despite the fact that President Richard Nixon released his returns when he was under audit. 

There is no law requiring that presidential candidates release their tax returns, but it has been customary for them to do since Nixon (whose returns initially were leaked rather than released).

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