Best laundry hacks to stop moths ‘ruining’ your bed linen

Top 10 Facts About Moths

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Moths can be found lurking in our homes throughout the year, though they are most commonly spotted between May and October in the UK. Like many insects, it can seem impossible to find out exactly how they sneak into areas such as airing cupboards and wardrobes, leaving them to go unnoticed as they feast on bedding and clothes. However, according to a cleaning expert, there are just a few simple changes you can make while doing laundry that will keep moths away for good.

How to stop moths eating bed linen

The airing cupboard is commonly used to store laundry including bedding and towels, but it could be making your moth problem worse.

Much like other pests, moths are attracted to heat which is often found in the dark airing cupboard space.

According to Sarah Dempsey, cleaning expert at, there’s a better place to keep them if you’re struggling to keep moths away from your bed linens.

Speaking exclusively to, she said: “The best way to protect clean bed linen is by investing in a secure storage chest.”

While you may not benefit from the warmth of a hot water cylinder by keeping bedding out of the airing cupboard, a storage chest has advantages of its own.

For example, there are fewer gaps that allow moths to fly in and lay eggs which turn into hungry larvae and they are much cooler too.

Sarah added that for the “best levels of protection”, you should use an airtight chest or trunk and keep it upright.

Investing in one that is big enough to house all of your bedding is a bonus to keep it all in the same moth-free space.

Sarah said: “Plus, if it’s large enough, you can always use the spare space in the trunk to store other things you want to keep away from moths, such as winter clothes or stuffed toys. As long you keep the trunk or chest securely shut, you won’t need to worry about moths getting in and ruining your lovely bedding.”

While storage is the most important thing to get right to deter moths, there are a few changes you can make to the way you wash bedding too.

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How to clean bedding to deter moths

Moths like to eat fabrics as they act as a warm, dry place where the female moths can lay their eggs during the breeding season.

Female adult moths can lay up to 300 eggs during the breeding season, which lasts from March to September, which turn into fibre-eating larvae.

For this reason, moths are particularly attracted to food stains, perspiration, and dirt, all of which should be washed immediately to keep them away.

Sarah explained that bedding should always be freshly washed and properly dried before placing it back in the chest of drawers.

It is best to allow warm bedding straight out of the tumble dryer to cool down before storing it to avoid “damp”, warm, and “musty” conditions which are very attractive to egg-laying moths.

In addition to keeping laundry smelling fresh and properly dried, adding some extra fragrance to your bedding can also help.

Sarah said: “Placing cedar wood rings in any storage area can help to deter moths.”

Cedar wood contains less sweetness and smokiness than sandalwood, though it still has a soft smell which is perfect for keeping moths away.

Lavender essential oil mixed with water can also be spritzed over fresh bedding for a refreshing fragrance that moths hate.

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