Argos offers free Samsung Galaxy S20 phones delivered by parkour runners days ahead of official release

ARGOS is offering the chance to win a free Samsung Galaxy S20 5G ahead of the phone's release on Friday.

What's more, the devices will be delivered to customers by a daring team of parkour runners.

Parkour uses running, jumping and climbing to get between two places in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

Argos' daredevil team will leap between buildings and scale walls to deliver the phones to customers on the go.

"The parkour pros will find the fastest urban route no matter whether the customer is in a bungalow, on their lunch break or at the top of a skyscraper," the retail giant said.

"They'll run, jump and flip to get the phone delivered at 5G speed for a truly memorable moment."

The speedy service is available to select customers in London who apply for the special deliveries.

To be in with a chance of getting the new handset for free and have it delivered by parkour runners on Tuesday 10 March ahead of general release on Friday 13 March, customers need to apply here.

Argos' Ian Eygelsheim said: “We know our customers want to get their hands on the latest tech as quickly as they can but busy schedules often get in the way of this.

"So we wanted to test out the fastest, most flexible and most innovative delivery service yet for the exciting launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G.”

Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S20 range last month at a lavish launch event in San Francisco.

The S20 boasts a top-of-the-range triple camera system capable of up to 100x digital zoom, letting you take close-up shots of distant objects.

Also featured is a striking AMOLED display that covers nearly the whole face of the mobile.

In total, three models are going on sale: The entry-level S20 (6.2in), bulkier S20+ (6.7in) and feature-packed S20 Ultra (6.9in).

The Argos offer will hand customers the 5G version of the entry-level model.

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