Apple warns all iPhone owners over 'settings change' that saves you from sudden attack – turn it on today | The Sun

APPLE has revealed a clever Settings trick that can save you from extremely dangerous cyberattacks.

It only takes seconds to turn on – and could mean the difference between blissful iPhone safety and a security nightmare.

Make sure you set up Automatic Updates for Apple Security Responses

It's all linked to smartphone updates, and specifically a special kind of automated iOS update.

Every so often, you'll need to update your phone and this can be automated.

But there are two different versions of Automatic Updates.

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The first is for general iOS software updates, which typically introduce new features alongside big fixes and security patches.

These are important to download as soon as you can.

But you can also set up Automatic Updates for a second type of download.

They're called Rapid Security Responses, and it's very important that you install them as soon as possible.

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"Rapid Security Responses deliver important security improvements quicker, before they are included in future software updates," Apple explained.

These updates close dangerous security flaws that could be – or are already being – exploited by cybercriminals.

By installing the update, you close the security hole and stay safe from cyberattacks.

By turning on Automatic Updates for Rapid Security Responses, you'll get the best protections.

Apple said you can make this happen by launching the Settings app.

Then go to General > Software Update and tap on Automatic Updates.

"Make sure that Security Responses & System Files is turned on," Apple said.

Of course it's entirely possible to install Rapid Security Responses manually.

But if you have Automatic Updates turned on, you won't need to worry about checking for these updates – or remembering to find time to install them.

Apple notes: "Automatically install rapid security responses and system files for iPhone and supported accessories.

"You may need to restart your iPhone to complete the installation.

"Some system files will always be installed automatically, even if 'Security Responses & System Files' is turned off."

Automatic Updates will usually be installed overnight after they've ben downloaded.

You'll typically receive a notification before the update is installed.

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Your iPhone will need to be charging and connected to Wi-Fi for the update to complete.

Activating Automatic Updates is one of the best iPhone hacks for keeping you safe from cyber-threats.

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