‘Amazing!’ Mrs Hinch fans share 3p product for dusting wooden blinds

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Most people have blinds in their home, whether they’re wooden, plastic or metal ones. However, over time they can become caked in dust so they often need regular dusting. One fan of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch asked how she can clean her white, wooden blinds.

Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame after sharing her cleaning and tidying tips online and on TV.

Fans of hers have created their own social media groups dedicated to sharing cleaning advice.

She asked a group with more than 635,000 members: “Could anyone help me with how I clean these white blinds?

“I’ve left it so long that it I’m scared when I wipe them the dust/dirt will stain the fabric tapes.”

The post was inundated with a plethora of responses from keen fans.

However, the most popular suggestion was to use “tumble dryer sheets”.

One person said: “I found tumble dryer sheets great as dust sticks to the wax.”

Another user commented: “I open the windows they are on and use my hair dryer on a cool setting. Give them a good blast then I use tumble dryer sheets.”

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A third replied: “Hoover the dust up with the attachment then wipe over with tumble dryer sheets. Do this once a month.”

A fourth penned: “Tumble dryer sheets first then a damp cloth.”

One Mrs Hinch fan also suggested they hoover the blinds first before using a tumble dryer sheet.

Another said: “I use tumble dryer sheets.”

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“Tumble dryer sheets – amazing,” said another social media user.

You can buy a 40-pack of tumble dryer sheets from ASDA for as little as £1.20.

The moonflower and lavender sheets work out at three pence per sheet.

Other suggestions included using a pledge dry dust sheet, a glove, old socks and wipes.

One person said: “Mine were left and were disgusting! I use pledge dry dust sheets.

“They are amazing! Ones in the kitchen catch stains so after the dust is off I spray and wipe with flash spray, wipe and done.”

A second user replied: “I give them a hoover first with the upholstery brush attachment.

“Then put on a synthetic wool winter glove, spray the blinds with a cleaner of your choice and wipe with your gloved hand or alternatively you can rinse the glove in soapy water, wring it out and put it on and wipe the blinds.

“Comes up great and takes no time, you can spread your fingers and do a two or three slates at a time.”

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