6 Months After Revealing Cancer Diagnosis, John Lewis Has 'Days Not So Good' but 'Is Improving'

Elsewhere in the interview, Lewis said he thought Trump was the worst president on civil rights since the '60s.

(After Lewis said in 2017 that he wouldn't attend Trump's inauguration because Trump wasn't a "legitimate president," Trump shot back by accusing Lewis' congressional district of being "in horrible shape" and "crime infested.")

Speaking with New York, Lewis, who protested with friend and mentor Martin Luther King Jr. throughout the '60s, talked about the current unrest around the country and reflected on what he felt were important values for making change.

"We must never ever give up, or give in, or throw in the towel. We must continue to press on! And be prepared to do what we can to help educate people, to motivate people, to inspire people to stay engaged, to stay involved, and to not lose their sense of hope," said Lewis, who in 2016 drew some controversy for tweeting in the wake of a sniper attack on Dallas police that he "never hated" the officers who beat him while he protested, a comment that has resurfaced amid the latest protests.

"We must continue to say we’re one people," Lewis told New York. "We’re one family. We all live in the same house."

"Of course, officers of the law didn’t have a right to abuse other people’s right," he said later in the interview. "You have to be human."

Speaking with CBS This Morning last week, he praised the Floyd demonstrators

“It was very moving, very moving to see hundreds of thousands of people from all over America and around the world take to the streets — to speak up, to speak out," he said then, "to get into what I call 'good trouble.' ”

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