Dr Martens’ ‘for life’ pledge has left me worn out

In 2016 I purchased a pair of Dr Martens shoes under its “for life” scheme, whereby it agreed to repair or replace worn-out DM shoes. It seemed too good to be true, but I went ahead and spent £145 on a pair that normally cost £60.

Four years on, I tried to claim on its guarantee but it refused to honour it, claiming that I am “not on its system”. I remember registering the purchase at the time, have since provided it with its unique code and the original receipt, but it is still trying to wriggle out of its obligations.
, Edinburgh

This was a pretty crazy offer at the time, and it was withdrawn in 2018. Users were required to register their purchase before May of that year. Those who didn’t were deemed not to have complied with the terms.

While Dr Martens still says it cannot find you on its system, it has agreed to reinstate you.
Its customer service team has rectified the issue, and a new pair will be on their way. It says it 100% stands by the promises it made to customers who bought the offer.

Last November, Guardian Money was inundated with letters from customers complaining that their boots and shoes were not as good quality as before. At the time the company denied it had changed the manufacturing process.

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