UK Amazon employees share best Dad jokes this Father’s Day

Amazon UK employees share their 'best dad jokes'

Amazon employees reveal their best WORST dad jokes in an hilarious video to mark Father’s Day filmed in its UK fulfilment centres…as Scotland is revealed to be the bad dad joke capital of Britain.

“My wife told me to stop singing Wonderwall to her … I SAID MAYBE”. 

“What did the janitor say when he walked into the cupboard? Supplies!” 

The behind-the-scenes videos were filmed across four Amazon UK Fulfilment Centres, with employees revealing their top cringey dad jokes.

Joe, who works with his father Barry at Amazon’s fulfilment centre in Bolton, revealed his favourite dad joke –  “Why are pirates called pirates? Cos they arrrr.” (Dad Barry boasted “that’s one of mine!”)

The video series comes as a poll of 3,000 Amazon workers in Britain reveal Scotland as the Bad Dad Joke Capital, with more people there (20 percent) saying the thing their dad does best is ‘tell bad jokes’.

Peter from Lanarkshire is a case in point – “What do you get if you sit under a cow? A pat on the head.”

For Yannic, the best dad jokes are the classics: “Do you know why dads take an extra pair of socks to golf? In case they get a hole in one.”

The top things overall that dads do were always listening, (43 percent) followed by playing games (31 percent), cooking dinner (28 percent) and being a great storyteller (26 percent).

The poll revealed the North East is King of the Dad Dance, with more people in the region ranking dad dancing as the number one thing their dads did best, higher than any other region (14percent). 

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