Trump Threatens To Send Forces To More U.S. Cities To Tackle Ongoing Protests

President Donald Trump said he plans to send additional federal law enforcement forces to tackle protests in major U.S. cities.

At a White House news conference Monday, a reporter brought Trump’s attention to a report that he was sending 175 federal troops to Portland and other cities that are experiencing violence to help local law enforcement.

Trump acknowledged the report, and blamed “liberal Democrats” for destroying and looting the city of Portland.

“Portland was totally out of control. The Democrats — the liberal Democrats running the place had no idea what they were doing. They were ripping down — for 51 days, ripping down that city, destroying the city, looting it,” he claimed. “The level of corruption and what was going on there is incredible. And then the governor comes out: ‘We don’t need any help.'”

The president pointed out the situation in cities run by Democrats, including New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland and Chicago, where many people were killed over the weekend.

Claiming that the crime rate in New York was up 348 percent, Trump said, “We can’t let this happen to the cities”.

“These are not protestors. These people are anarchists,” according to him.

Trump said the political leaders in the troubled states are afraid of these people. “And that’s why they say, ‘We don’t want the federal government helping,'” he added. “The governor has to do something about it. And if the governor is not going to do something about, we’ll do something about it”.

Trump alleged that although the police in New York are the finest, “they’re restricted from doing anything.”

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