This Is the World’s Safest Country

Scandinavian nations, especially Norway, often dominate lists of “best countries.” Most recently, Norway was named in the United Nations’ latest Human Development Index as the top nation based on quality of life. The World Health Organization named it the best country to raise children. The Swiss-based international investment company RobecoSAM named it the world’s most sustainable country, based on measures that include its environmental policies.

Norway also has extremely high gross domestic product per capita, with its oil and gas exports and reserves making it one of the richest nations in the world – and its social services are the envy of most other countries. It’s no surprise, then, that Norway is the world’s safest country.

For Gallup’s “2021 Global Law and Order” report, researchers interviewed approximately 150,000 people in 115 nations. Gallup did fieldwork through October of last year.  

The Gallup analysis is divided into four parts: Confidence people have in their police force; whether people feel safe walking alone at night; whether people have had money or property stolen from them or a household member; and whether people have been assaulted in the past 12 months. (These are the countries with the most confidence in their police.)

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As might be expected, Norway topped the list for safety, and several other Scandinavian countries were not far behind. Norway’s score was 94, which put it at the top of the index. Finland (92) and Iceland (92) tied in the top 10. The Netherlands and Denmark, tied at 89, and Sweden, at 88, are among the other countries that did extremely well. (The U.S. has a score of 87, tied with Spain.)

The bottom of the list is dominated by underdeveloped countries and those with histories of national unrest and violence. Venezuela and Gabon share a score of 53, which puts them at the lowest rank. (These are the world’s most dangerous cities.)

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