Readers: Show Us How 2020 Remapped Your World

In 2020, powerful forces of change remapped all of our lives — collectively and privately, literally and metaphorically.

The global Covid-19 pandemic upended the world, weaving a public health crisis together with political, economic and social upheaval. Cries for racial justice filled city streets. Floods, storms and fires fueled by climate change ravaged communities. And the virus forced us all to renegotiate how we navigate home, work and relationships.

What does that look like for you?

Earlier this year, we invited readers to create a map depicting life during the early throes of the pandemic. Now, we want to expand the scope of that project.

We’re inviting you, our readers, to create a homemade map of your life, community, workplace or broader surroundings as you experienced them in 2020. Show us how the extraordinary changes of this year have shown up in your life. Or, try to envision how this year will impact 2021. Perhaps you want to map the city you hope to see — changes in architecture, transportation or public space — or how you imagine, hope or fear humanity might be changed due to this collectively lived experience.

Your map can be as straightforward or subjective as you wish. We welcome your creativity: Any medium, as long as you can transmit it in an image file, is welcome. 

To participate in this project, create your map and then answer a few questions about it via our survey form, where we also provide further details about how to submit an image of your map to us. If you participated in the first round of this project, we invite you to submit another map and tell us how life has changed since you last documented it for us. 

We’ll publish a selection of these reader-submitted images and map stories on our website as part of an archival mapping project that documents the complexity of 2020 for people around the world. We are also looking for maps to include in a forthcoming book based off the project. Our goal is to feature an inclusive and diverse set of maps, so please help us expand our reach by sharing this callout with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and classmates. 

The deadline to submit your survey and map is Monday, Dec. 7, 2020.

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