Palestinian Economy Hit Hard by Virus Needs Aid, World Bank Says

The Palestinians will need outside help to overcome a poor economic outlook and widening budget deficit made far worse by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new World Bank report.

Already facing a growth slowdown and sizable deficit, the West Bank and Gaza Strip could see output shrink between 7.6% and 11%, depending on how fast the economy recovers from the virus, the World Bank said in its report published on Monday. President Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority may watch its fiscal gap roughly double to more than $1.5 billion this year, and will need significant aid to restore growth and solve budgetary issues, the bank added.

“Several years of declining donor support and the limited economic instruments available have turned the ability of the government to protect livelihoods into a monumental task,” Kanthan Shankar, World Bank country director for the West Bank and Gaza, said in a release. “External support will be critical to help grow the economy during this unprecedented period.”

After economic expansion cooled from 8.9% in 2016 to just 0.9% last year, the pandemic forced World Bank officials to cut their 2020 expectations from a previous 2.5% increase. Restraints on movement helped to contain the spread of the disease but also hurt activity and government revenue.

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-11% Change in MSCI World Index of global stocks since Wuhan lockdown, Jan. 23

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In total, there have been more than 430 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus across the West Bank and Gaza, with three deaths.

Israel, which occupies the West Bank and blockades Gaza along with Egypt, is loaning the Palestinian Authority as much as 800 million shekels ($227.8 million) over the coming four months to help make up for the loss of tax revenue. The rare deal is meant to ensure funding for hospitals and other key services.

World Bank officials focused on recommendations to upgrade the Palestinian telecommunications sector in cooperation with Israel, in order to further develop the digital economy. Israel maintains a tight grip on broad aspects of the Palestinian information and communications technology sector.

Tensions between Israelis and Palestinians are rising as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promises to move forward this summer with annexing West Bank territory viewed by Palestinians as the heart of their future state. Palestinian leaders have promised to end all forms of cooperation with Israel in protest.

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