Miami Mayor Urges Trump To Suspend Flights From Covid-19 Hotspots

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has requested U.S. President Donald Trump to immediately suspend flights from COVID-19 hotspots, both international and domestic, to Miami International Airport, to stop the spread of the virus among Miami residents.

The mayor asked Trump to direct various government agencies to carry out his request as soon as possible, including the Federal Aviation Administration, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Suarez also asked that the president prioritize the movement of medical supplies, food and personal protective equipment to fight the virus.

In a letter that was sent to the President, Suarez wrote, “We are at war with a silent, deadly and merciless enemy. I have personally witnessed its speed, its spread and its lethality among my residents in Miami, and now in the State of Florida… I believe we need to wield our power in a smart, targeted way.”

Suarez on March 24th had issued a stay-at-home order for all Miami residents, after he was tested positive for COVID-19 and was self-quarantined. He recovered from the virus this week.

Meanwhile, Suarez’s home state Florida is witnessing a surge in covid-19 patients with around 9,008 confirmed cases and 144 deaths. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has issued a statewide stay- at- home order.

New York is the worst hit state in the country with more than 93 thousand confirmed cases and 2,538 deaths, along with New Jercy, California and Michigan. The U.S. now has more than 245,000 confirmed coronavirus cases with around 6,095 deaths.

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