HR Firm Randstad To Use Blockchain Smart Contracts To Help Recruiters

Randstad, the world’s largest human resources firm, has teamed up with New York-based blockchain start-up Cypherium and Google Cloud to develop a solution to speed up business processes of matching talent to corporate needs.

Randstad has turned to Google Cloud to host its solution in tandem with Cypherium, which will manage the smart contracts. During the pilot, Randstad saw reduced human error in the vetting process.

Randstad believes that these innovations provide a unique opportunity to help recruiters connect with and deliver value to both job seekers and employers.

After the solution is implemented, Randstad will use blockchain technology to automate bureaucratic tasks, augmenting human capabilities and enabling its teams to focus on the critical art and science of matching talent with demand.

Randstad currently relies on humans to verify qualifications, a process which can take months. With Cypherium blockchain, Randstad expects to enable instant verification of academic and professional qualifications from recognized official sources.

“Google Cloud and G Suite already free us from some manual verification tasks, and we plan to use Cypherium’s blockchain to hand off even more,” says Frank van der Bijl, Global Collaboration Manager at Randstad.

The company also needs a fast, reliable blockchain that keeps the personal data of millions of people safe and secure. The secure-by-design infrastructure of Google Cloud keeps private information safe, while ensuring that Randstad remains compliant with international data regulations, such as GDPR and ISO requirements.

The solution will also enable instant, guaranteed payments via smart contracts, and handle paperwork to bring workers into and out of an organization through onboarding and offboarding.

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