Disney World Closes After Walt Disney’s Granddaughter Rips Fireworks Crowds At Park

There’s no better remedy for the coronavirus blues than standing shoulder-to-shoulder hundreds of people, right? Walt Disney’s granddaughter took exception to a pair of photos posted Sunday on Twitter that showed crowds watching fireworks displays at the parks Granddad founded.

“Are you f*cking kidding me?” Abigail Disney tweeted in response:


Disney World in Orlando is closed as of Monday, but it and the company’s other Orlando parks remained open over the weekend, despite its Anaheim sites shutting down a few days earlier.

Social media reacted to Abigail Disney Twitter-slam, generally ripping the company. But the photos were posting on the WDW New Today account, which notes that it is “not affiliated with the Walt Disney Co.” Its tweet also doesn’t note when either photo was taken.

As of Monday night, the company had not commented on the matter.

Abigail Disney has a history of disagreeing loudly and publicly with her grandpa’s company. Last year, she labeled Bob Iger’s compensation “insane” while addressing pay disparities for its employees.

She also has been an activist on that issue. Back in 2017, Disney wrote an op-ed for USA Today after Congress passed a sweeping tax overhaul, calling it a “huge handout.” In a video posted on NowThis News, she said: “This bill will give me this tax cut while also killing health insurance for over 13 million people. It will let me pass over $20 million to my children, tax-free. And all my friends with private jets? They get a tax cut too.”

Disney said she was motivated to speak out against the bill because of the desire to advocate for the public good, above self-interest.

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