Coronavirus Enters Latin America; Spreads In Europe

Coronavirus has made its foot mark in Latin America as a Brazilian who had been in Italy was found infected with the deadly disease on his return home.

A 61-year-old man from São Paulo was tested positive, local media reported on Tuesday without revealing his identity.

COVID-19 is continuing to spread to more countries with Austria, Croatia and Switzerland announcing their first cases. They reportedly contracted the infection while they visited Italy.

The virus is spreading relatively fast in Europe, with Italy becoming the worst-affected country in the continent with more than 300 cases and 11 deaths. Several towns in Lombardy and Veneto have been put under strict quarantine.

Hundreds of holidaymakers are on lock-down in a hotel on the Spanish island of Tenerife after an Italian doctor and his wife tested positive for the virus.

Despite growing concern, health ministers from France, Germany and Italy, and the official in charge of European Union committed to keeping its borders open.

In Iran, 19 coronavirus deaths and less than 100 cases of infection have been recorded, but it is believed that the actual numbers are far higher.

The COVID-19 death toll in China reached 2715 on Wednesday, and the number of confirmed cases of infection rose to more than 78,000.

Numbers of new infections have been declining in China, the center of the outbreak.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong administration announced an interim relief of $1,200 to its residents to boost the virus-hit economy.

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