Actor Nick Cordero Faces “Long, Long Road Ahead” In COVID-19 Battle, Wife Amanda Kloots Reports

Broadway actor Nick Cordero could face months more in the hospital and then as much as a year in a rehabilitation facility, his wife Amanda Kloots said in an Instagram Story last night.

“We’ve got a long, long road ahead,” Kloots said.

Answering a series of questions from her social media followers, Kloots said the most immediate concern in Cordero’s long recovery from COVID-19 is getting his blood pressure under control. She said his blood pressure had been stabilized but has been fluctuating recently.

“The next goal is to get Nick’s blood pressure under control,” said Kloots, a fitness instructor and former Broadway dancer. “That might mean that he has an infection, so they have to find this infection. Then after that, if they can get Nick’s blood pressure under control, it would be to get him onto intermittent dialysis.”

Kloots said the 41-year-old Cordero is too weak to move, can’t speak due to the respirator, and has lost 65 pounds, mostly in muscle, since being admitted to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai medical center in March with a respiratory illness later diagnosed as COVID-19. After being placed in a medically induced coma, Cordero underwent a leg amputation operation and experienced lung damage before waking from the coma on May 12.

Asked when she expects the hospital to discharge her husband, Kloots said, “It could be months from now still…We’ve got a long, long road ahead.” She said doctors estimate Cordero could need a year in a rehab facility after the hospitalization. She said a lung transplant isn’t an option now – “He just wouldn’t survive. He’s just too weak.”

Kloots said that although Cordero, who appeared on Broadway in Waitress and Bullets Over Broadway, is too weak to move and can’t speak, he communicates by moving his eyes up, for yes, and down, for no: “He is awake and he’s in there.”

He has been told, she said, of the amputation, though she is unsure how much he fully comprehends, and is aware of the public attention his case has garnered through Kloots’ social media updates.

“I tell him, Nick the whole world is praying for you,” Kloots said.

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